The Lair

60 Minutes to Escape

For years, the FBI has been searching for the headquarters of America’s most notorious and elusive drug lord, known only by his code name, the “Dollmaker”. Today new information is available to you and your team. Thanks to an informant who sacrificed his life for the cause, the location of The Lair is now revealed—and we’re flying you straight to it.

Your mission is critical. Hidden inside The Lair is a weapon of mass destruction armed with a one hour timer that starts counting down upon your arrival. With sixty minutes remaining you must search the room for clues, and defuse the weapon, saving yourselves and everyone else. You must think like the Dollmaker, a resourceful and creative mastermind who built a criminal empire. Unravel his twisted logic and the secrets of The Lair will manifest themselves to you. Trust each other, trust yourself and avoid a catastrophic finale.

The Den of the Occult

60 Minutes to Escape

The Crystal of Death. An ancient relic revered by all those who deal in matters of the occult. In the wrong hands this sacred crystal has the power to turn heaven into hell and end the human race as we know it. The crystal is currently possessed by Maya Conway. This mysterious vagabond was once our friend and confidant but is now our sworn enemy. A tarot card reader by day and satanic worshiper by night, Maya Conway protects the crystal using all means in her power.

Your objective is to sneak into her sanctuary and take possession of the Crystal of Death before Maya Conway can use it to summon the deadly spirits from the netherworld. Do you and your daring teammates have the guts and willpower to enter The Den, locate the crystal, and escape in time to save yourselves and your loved ones? The future of all humanity rests on your shoulders…

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