The best escape room I’ve done in LA so far and I’ve done about ten of them. Service is warm and the guys running it are awesome. Incredibly clever puzzles. I smiled even setting foot into the staging area.

John H.

I’ve been to a couple of escape rooms in LA, but Escapedom was the best. What makes it the best for me, is that for a party bigger than five, you can work on pairs at the same time. Everyone will be part of the solution. The theme, sound, and flow are great. Highly recommended.

Amr F.

Well constructed, intriguing rooms, and great host. Will definitely come again! A great way to pass some time with friends, coworkers, and family.

Terri C.

Think of movies like Indiana Jones and National Treasure where they find artifacts and have to places them in the correct spots and something opens or changes. That's what happens at Escapedom rooms. They're way more high tech and advanced than other typical escape rooms.

Qanelle J.

I’ve done a lot of escape rooms and Escapedom is top of the list. From the moment you enter, a mood is created and it’s maintained until your time is up. The use of tech is excellent here, the puzzles are creative and fun and the staff is top-notch.

Rita L.